Loyal Patrons

With the sad news of the flooding in Houston, I’m reminded of the wonderful Texas patrons we have.  Though we’ve never done a show in Houston, we’ve done several shows in Austin and the Dallas-Fort Worth area several times with my work, Robin’s and our collaborative work.  Some of my most loyal patrons are from Austin, Richardson and the Fort Worth area.

Just this spring at the Northern VA Fine Art Festival in Reston, a couple  walked into our booth and with a surprised look on their faces, inquired if we’d done the Fort Worth Art Fair 15 years ago.  They recognized my surfaces, and coincidentally we have now returned to the boat shape, something we worked on many years ago.  They told us how much they’ve enjoyed the sculpture they purchased then and informed us of their “canoes” voyage from Texas to St. Louis, Mo and then on to Reston, VA.


Ark installationThis is the sculpture they purchased in Texas, and much to our joy, they purchased a little gondola with calla lilies and a copper base on that spring day this year in Reston.Gondola w callas

The Visual Art Message

I’m thinking about how artists choose to make either abstract, non-objective or figurative art.  Obviously it depends on the individual’s personal preference about how to communicate.

Back in 1988 I made a drawing of my parents for a show, and titled the piece “The Rosetta Stone”.  Not a single person asked me why I named it that.  I was surprised a little.  These 26 years later I’m still curious about it.  But, maybe I don’t credit the audience with enough knowledge to draw the lines.