New Bentwoods

Robin and I are continuing our progression of the bentwoods, only now the surfaces are partially or completely clad with copper.  The contrast of the metal surface with the painted crackled wood surface is very pleasing.  This set also includes stainless steel chain, enamel on copper and hammered brass square rods with chemical patina


Gliding Into the Harbor

We took that line quite literally and slipped right into making abstract sculpture of a mythological icon, the boat.  Many cultures have a mythology of the boat as the vessel of the spiritual journey.  Sometimes it was meant to carry the soul  to the afterlife.  It was also the vessel savior of humans and animals in the great flood, known to cultures all over the globe.

Aside from all that it’s the symbol of the first celebrated world explorers, the sailors.  In more ordinary terms, the boat is associated with our fascination with bodies of water, and a variety of ways to enjoy that water, all of which comes back to life.

So we’re making boat sculptures and something’s happening.  It’s the coming together of a lot of things, all at once.  It’s a weaving of surface, form and meaning.  It’s the utilization of years of designing, of experimenting, of evolving.  It’s a time for bringing symbolic meaning into form.  It’s been an amazing process so far.

It started from the story of missing the boat and then this past fall I was looking again at a sketch I did a while back which was a boat shape, with some additions.  It came to me then how to make it a collaborative piece, combining wood and metal in a manner in which Robin and I could both enjoy.  We’re now smitten.

The contribution we each make varies a lot from boat to boat.  The design/debates/discussions have been lively.  The exploration is wonderful.  Each boat has its own story, its own character.  One of our latest boats edges into taking on The Book Series–its deck carries a cargo of a Dear John letter.

John Boat letter