The Book of Us

The book is the carrier of knowledge, a vessel of stories, the keeper of secrets, the record of history.  What tool has been more important for the growth of civilization than the book?  We collect them, we learn from them, we cherish them.  And at this critical juncture we are witness to the disappearing of the physical book, to be replaced by digital footprint.  How remarkable and sad.

The symbol of the book has become the subject matter for a series we are working on, and stands side by side with our boats and nests.  All three are powerful symbols of what it is to be human.

As we have been exploring this concept of the book as sculpture the irony of it all occurs to me.  These little books we’re making are seemingly unreadable yet tell our story through the language of sculpture.   Their second life is through their photographic presence and the dialogue that follows in the digital world that ironically has replaced the physical book.  In cyberspace the book’s story will last forever………….or until the power grid goes down.

Charron red book