We’ve spent the majority of our studio time the past few years in a disciplined discovery of incorporating textures and color on a variety of media working within a geometric format, namely the square and rectangle.  It was a way of getting back to the basics and learning to recombine our skills to create relief sculpture that is dramatic, focused, and beautiful.  Though we still find this challenging, we’re breaking loose now.  Rather than concentrate only on formal issues of design it’s time to introduce iconic images.

Throughout our years together, Robin and I have often referred to the tale of missing the boat, the boat being a symbol of opportunity. In cultures throughout the world, the boat has represented the spiritual journey, exploration of the world, and a vehicle for acquiring food. As culture evolved  and people gained more free time, the boat became a vehicle for recreation.

We’ve latched onto this powerful symbol at this time because we’re re-inventing ourselves once again.  Our situation is ripe for it.  The boat is carrying us forward in our quest.

Our latest boat is the largest so far, 5′ in length.  It’s sleek lines are an elegant statement, but this boat has cargo.  It carries another icon, a bird’s nest, symbol of protection, of security, of birth and home.  Where will this take us?

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“The Crow’s Nest”  59.5″W x 24″T x 11″D  Polychromed wood, hickory deck  with copper nails, pedestal of hammered copper with chemical patina, nest of brazed re-cycled copper $9800