All artists go through a continuum of successes and failures.  It’s inevitable if you are truly following the artist’s path because it is one of exploration and discovery.  It’s the same for explorers and scientists.  The old adage no risk, no gain applies to the creative  process.  The longer you work the more successes you tend to have and so you reach a plateau.  If you’re going to climb any higher you have to experiment and that’s risky business.  Artists put so much of their emotions and soul into their work that failures are very depressing.  It’s at that point that the little demon in your head can  start jabbering about your lack of talent and skill and you might just start feeling like the art police are just around the corner waiting to break down your studio door and take your paint brushes away reprimanding you all the while for pretending to be a real artist.  If you’re creative, you know what I’m talking about.

Artists have to muster their courage everyday in the studio to make something wonderful and meaningful. It’s a constant journey filled with potholes, detours and roadblocks, but it’s necessary if you want to create.  A hack can get in there and just have fun–a true artist has to push themselves.  The rewards (not necessarily monetary) are great, but the disappointments are too.  Passion urges you on so you’re helpless to avoid the success/failure/success pattern.