Loss of Sculpture

Well, I’ve never had a sculpture collapse and I’ve never had one blow up in the kiln, even way back in the 80’s when I was hand-building.  So I guess it was my turn.  Since my last post about her, I had built onto the pregnant goddess up through the belly.  This morning I went into work on her and undraped the top and began working and was finishing up her belly and swayed pregnant back when she started falling.  I grabbed her and held her against me but the movement had already cracked her right weight-bearing foot.  The problem was not in the building, but that a major support strap had come untied.  Don’t know how that happened, especially since I tie them in double knots.  I called Robin to help me try to save her, but we determined that it was best to just let her go.  After sobbing for a while I guess I’ll just have to start over and decide that this time she’ll be better anyway.  It’s still depressing though.  I spent over a month on her and she was looking really good.  I can only imagine showing a new version of her someday and having somebody ask me “How long did it take you to make that?”

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