The Life

It’s easy to get caught up in writing about art making, the process, the inspiration or even the trials of marketing.  But we titled this blog Art Life Business: A Paradox so that means our private as well as public life.  You may be familiar with my personal blog,  in which case you are aware of my telegraphing the family secrets and not only that, but also verbally bashing my “sister”.  Many I’m sure have wondered why I haven’t just walked away from it all by now.  In truth I was devastated by the family crisis and subsequent betrayal.   She crossed a moral line that I can not ignore so in order to  hold her accountable  it is necessary to tell the story.  I bring it up in this venue to talk of how it has effected our art making and the business of marketing our art.

My family went into crisis in the fall of 2000, so this has been a 14 year nightmare for me and subsequently for Robin because ultimately one’s spouse always gets dragged into your drama one way or another.  Robin and I are very close and we’re both rather reclusive.  We feel loved, appreciated, respected, happy, understood and safe with each other.  The outer world intrudes from time to time to test that haven and nevermore than with the rupture and death of my family.  It drew me away from my center, preoccupied my physical and intellectual health and distorted reality to the extent that it ultimately had an extreme impact on my creativity and production of work.  That said, look to what I’ve said about my sculpture “Lady Liberty” (the Expressions interview on WSIL-TV) to understand the battle I’ve fought and how I’ve kept getting back up after each blow.  I’m ready to walk away from it all but for now I have to share my story.

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