Glorious Redbud

We prize our Redbud and Dogwood trees.  A redbud that has graced our west great room window for 15-20 years is dying–possibly from verticillium wilt.  I’ve decided to document its demise as a way of paying homage as well as demonstrating how you just gotta make lemonade sometimes when  you’re served up sour lemons.  I don’t know how long it will be before we take it down completely, but in the meantime I’ve used it as part of a garden sculpture that I’ve been contemplating for sometime.  Here’s the first photo I took yesterday morning before I broke out the electric chain saw.  Red Bud dying

I selectively pruned some of the lower and central dead growth. After trimming some of the dead branches here’s what was left.


Next I got to work with some 80 lb test fishing line.  And walla!



Nice days work.  Next I’ll make a wire spider for it.

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