Incredible Window

We’ve long recognized how much influence nature has on our work.  The textures and colors of the woodlands, meadows and skies are so inspiring.  Robin and I have lived in the woods together for 23 years now.  It is a constant source of inspiration, solace, meditation and connection to the great beyond.  We spend as much time as possible immersed in the outdoors, but when we’re inside the views from all of our windows are outstanding.  One window in particular is magical.  Each hour of each day, through all the seasons, the view from this window is amazing.  Processions of flowers just outside the panes, attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  In the evenings you can watch the bats flying over the gardens devouring mosquitos.  Native shrubs and ornamental trees edge the space that is defined by the Gothic Cathedral of the tall hardwood trees.  Winter sunsets are spectacular through the forest lace.  Each time you step up to the view it lifts your heart and mind.  Much of that experience gets woven into the surfaces of our work.

window view

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