Today’s Progress

Robin worked on writing the new business plan in preparation for the coming changes.

I on the other hand had fun.  This image shows today’s progress.  Some of these beads are wired in,  while others are laid in place, waiting to be wired and wrapped into the wing structure.  Odd how much of my work, beginning back in the 80’s and continuing till now, in several different media have included some form of wrapping or binding.  With this series of insect sculptures (to be followed soon by birds and mythical creatures) I am using the wire as a skeletal structure as well as a decorative binding element of the total design.

The wing is pictured here lying on black foamboard which obscures the color of the transparent beads.  I’ve decided to use both transparent and opaque glass beads.  I thumb tack the wing to the board while I layout the bead pattern.  Some of the glass beads have to be fabricated or altered at this point–reshaping or shortening them with a grinder.  When I have a workable design I then photograph it before removing the beads to prepare for wiring them in place, using the photo as a guide.  I can see at this point I want to remove the 5 largest red beads in the center and replace with smaller red cylindrical ones.   in progress

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