The Dead End Tour

The Dead End Tour begins January 1, 2014.

Robin and I have supported ourselves these past 20 years from the sales of our creations at art fairs around the nation.  Since the recession began in 2008, it’s become apparent that the art fairs aren’t going to recover anytime soon.  The writing is on the wall.  Just as we have re-invented ourselves several times before, we know that it is time to find a new way of marketing our work. You’ve just not had a really exhausting year until you’ve made work in the studio,   photographed each piece, made price tags and inventory sheets, written patrons, driven cross-country in the cab of a loud box van, set-up your booth in the elements, and then sat in the wind or hot sun for several days, all the while shelling out money for fuel, motels, restaurant food and don’t forget the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on the booth fee, and then waited for someone to get motivated to buy one of your objects.   And then do it again 15 more times that year.   My shoulder is too old for that.  And more often than not these days, we make just barely enough to keep us going.  That’s over for us.

We know what we need in order to be successful at this time.  It’s not fresh ideas–we’ve got plenty.  It’s not even an improved economy–that’s just not happening in the very near future.  We need new ways of reaching our patrons.  And we need the means to afford professional advice and assistance.  Every business large or small requires these things to be successful.  So very much of our precious time and energy that should go into our design and studio work is instead stolen away on tasks that could and should be accomplished by others.

The Dead-End Tour begins now–it is our last few outdoor art fairs.  We are searching out new ways of reaching our patrons.  We’ve already seeing big changes.  Join us on our journey to re-invent ourselves.

2 responses to “The Dead End Tour

  1. Sharon and Robin,
    I’m so grateful that I got to meet you and visit with you briefly in Memphis. I love the art pieces, the copper book and sunset longboat, I got from you at the River Arts Fest, and they love me back. My wife, Christie, also connected with the copper book and we are both very happy about that.
    After touring your website, watching the videos, and reading about your passion for art and the universe in general I am not surprised that I found myself pulled into your orbits and now with your pieces in my home/office/gym/yoga studio I can more fully reinvent myself after losing a dear friend and mentor after many years of mutual dedication.
    am grateful that you both have the courage and discipline to exist in the ways that you do to serve our universe and bring people together through your art and lifestyle and your abilities and willingness to communicate your processes. I look forward to staying in touch. I am not very tech savvy, but I do plan to send you pictures of the installed pieces once they’ve found their rightful places. The book has already found it place, right beside a bookshelf, go figure. Thank you again.


    • Thank you Dave for your kind words and especially for spending the time to read about us and understand why we do what we do. That is especially rewarding for to us. We hope you will continue to follow us as we continue to grow and evolve. Enjoy your book and boat as much as we did designing and making them!


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